Ultimate iRestore Review

A head full of lush, healthy, hair is often something considered synonymous with youth, vitality, and overall well-being.

After all, many people find that as they age or experience various medical conditions, their once rich locks are dull, lifeless, and well… lacking in fullness.

In addition, hair thinning and/or loss can become an embarrassing, difficult-to-hide problem faced by both men and women.

Fortunately, there are products that can help treat this issue and restore your hair to its previous condition using LLLT (low-level light therapy) with medical grade lasers.

The laser helmet device we will review in this article is called the iRestore hair growth system.

Ultimate iRestore Review: Everything You Need to Know

What is iRestore?

The iRestore hair growth system is a medical device that uses state-of-the-art laser technology to treat thinning hair.

This, in turn, will help regrow hair in men and women alike.

The product works by utilizing non-invasive, pain-free red light therapy that is designed to stimulate growth, leading to thicker healthier hair.

How the iRestore Laser Helmet Works

The LLLT devices by iRestore works by encouraging hair follicles to increase energy production through enhanced cell metabolism.

This process is made possible by the light energy the hair is exposed to through the laser therapy.

The biochemical process basically reactivates dormant hair and extends the growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

This successfully combats thinning and balding hair as well as reversing the dreaded receding hairline.

Why You Should Consider iRestore?

You will benefit from iRestore regardless of your age, or if you are a man or woman, if the following factors are true:

  • You want to stop your current hair loss: You find loose hairs everywhere and notice you have less and less hair daily.
  • You want fuller hair: Perhaps, your hair used to be thicker, but now it’s thinning. Although you still have hair, what’s there seems much less than in previous years.
  • You want healthier hair: Although you have hair, what you have is weak, brittle, and lifeless. You want strong, healthy strands.
  • You have a medical condition: You have the medical condition androgenic alopecia, which simply means genetic hair loss. This can be successfully treated with iRestore.

Authoritative Endorsements of iRestore: Clinical Studies

The iRestore hair growth system has been proven effective thanks to a recent clinical study.

Dr. Adam Bodian, a board-certified laser surgeon and dermatologist, conducted the 16-week clinical study and discovered an amazing 100% of study participants noticed some hair growth during the study’s duration.

It’s worth noting that all the study participants were over the age of 40 and suffered from genetic thinning hair and hair loss.

Of those who claimed hair growth, the average amount of growth experienced by participants was 43.2% of hair growth.

Read here for more information about the amazing clinical results.

How to Use iRestore

To use this product, simply place it on your head, comfortably and securely.

Then, press the start button to begin your session.

Once the session is over, your device will automatically shut off.

Experts advise using the device every other day for 25 minutes for optimal results.

iRestore Product Specifications

  • Package Contents: iRestore Hair Growth System (ID-500), user manual, quick start guide. MAX Growth Kit includes 3-in-1 Hair Growth Formula, Serum and Shampoo.
  • Laser Power Classification: Class 3R (<5mW)
  • Light Source: laser diodes and LED’s (primarily LED’s)
  • Warranty: Comes with the backing of a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Real Customer Reviews And Testimonials

The following are real reviews from customers who have achieved amazing results with the iResotre hair growth system:

  • Lori R. says, “I purchased the system for my husband and he started using it around March or April this year. I took ‘before’ pics and was going to wait until month three…but, I noticed such as obvious difference at five weeks that I took pics. Now at four months, he literally has no thin ‘bald’ spot in the back and his widow’s peak is not nearly as big. He literally has a head full of hair.”
  • Kelly M. says, “I lost my hair due to chemo. When it grew back, it was very thin, with patchy bald spots. I tried everything I could find out about, with no real results. I started iRestore laser treatment and now most of my bald spots are undetectable, and my hair over all my head is noticeably thicker! I’m so happy and relieved.”

Is iRestore Safe to Use?

Yes. The iRestore hair growth system is FDA cleared.

This means it has been deemed safe for consumer use by the Federal Drug Administration.

Consequently, you can use this system without worry of significant negative effects.

Common Questions About iRestore

When it comes to this revolutionary hair growth treatment, it stands to reason you want to know more. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about this system:

  • How soon can you expect to see results? Everyone is different. Consequently, your hair will grow at a different rate than anyone else’s. In most cases, you will notice a reduction in hair loss, as early as two months, with most people seeing a reduction by four months.You will enjoy noticeable hair growth, making your hair thicker by two to four months. Keep in mind, in general, hair only grows a half an inch a month. This means you need to give the iRestore treatment at least six months to make a good assessment of whether or not it is working for you.

    Read the breakdown below of how you can expect the timeline to go for you during your treatment:

    • One to two months: You might notice some shedding of hair. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are losing more hair. It only means the thin, weak hairs are being removed to make room for stronger thicker hair.
    • Three to four months: Your hair loss with either slow dramatically or stop all together. You might notice small baby hairs sprouting, but they might not yet be visible.
    • Five to six months: Your hair shedding should have stopped. You will notice visible, fuller hair growth.
    • Six months: This is the time of optimal results. You should be able to see and enjoy noticeably thicker, stronger hair.
  • Is there a point where iRestore simply won’t work for you? 

    Yes.Unfortunately, you cannot be completely bald in order to achieve results with iRestore. However, as long as you still have some hair, even thin hair, you might be able to achieve some benefit from the iRestore hair growth system.

    To determine the effectiveness iRestore could have on you personally, check out the Norwood-Hamilton scale (for men) and the Lugwig-Savin scale (for women) to determine your current stage of hair loss. The iRestore hair growth system is most suitable and recommended for hair loss ranging from lla-V on men and I-II for women.

    Of course, if you still aren’t sure low-level light therapy such as used with iRestore would be effective for your specific hair loss, you can always send pictures to infor@irestorelaser.com and our specialists will evaluate your current state of hair loss and help you determine the benefit you could realistically expect from iRestore.

  • How often should you use iRestore? Use iRestore every other day for 25 minutes.This works out on average to be around three to four times weekly.
  • Can you use iRestore in conjunction with other treatments like Propecia or Rogaine? Is it safe? You will likely enjoy some results from iRestore without using other treatment methods.However, if you are currently using treatments like mentioned above, there is no danger.

    In fact, many physicians have found that laser therapy often stimulates the cell metabolism and can enhance the overall results of other treatments used at the same time.

    According to an article published within the International Journal of Trichology, “the combination treatments with minoxidil, finasteride, and low-light laser therapy may act synergistically to enhance hair growth.” iRestore offers a drug-free product line that works with the iRestore hair growth system, which is ideal for using in conjunction with iRestore.

  • Is there any risk to trying iRestore? No. After trying the iRestore hair growth system for the six-month trial period, if you are not satisfied with your results, you can send it back for no cost and receive a full refund.Therefore, there is no reason not to at least try and see if iRestore will help rejuvenate your hair growth.
  • Do we recommend the iRestore laser helmet? Unfortunately, our biggest concern with iRestore’s products is the fact that they use a massive amount of LED’s vs just medical-grade lasers.That means that in our opinion you are not getting all the value so we would recommend products from companies like HairMax, Capillus, or illumiflow.

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