New Kierr 148 Pro Review – What You Need to Know

Let’s start from the beginning.

What is the Kiierr 148 Pro Cap System?

This hair loss treatment cap uses laser diodes to counteract the problematic condition of hair loss or thinning but they are sorta the new kid on the block compared to illumiflow, HairMax, and Capillus.

That said, hair loss can be an embarrassing and frustrating condition that you can feel hopeless to treat.

However, with the right LLLT device, you can effortlessly treat hair loss in a painless way, using low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Wear the laser cap only 30 minutes every other day to begin reversing the effects of hair thinning and loss.

The Effectiveness of LLLT in Treating Hair Loss

There are countless studies that prove the effectiveness of LLLT when it comes to treating the condition of hair loss and thinning.

One such study was outlined by a US National Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health reports that proved LLLT effective at stimulating hair growth at a cellular level in both men and women.

But not all LLLT devices are created equal.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the Kiierr laser cap.

Benefits of The New Keiirr 148 Pro LLLT Device

The following are reasons you should consider the Keiir 148 for your hair loss condition:

  • Can help reverse hair loss.
  • Designed to treat balding and thinning hair with LLLT.
  • LLLT promotes thicker, healthier hair follicles.
  • Clean method for treating hair loss, no wet or dirty hair after use.
  • Revitalizes frail or damaged hair.
  • Portable, easy to use, discreet.
  • FDA cleared
  • Can be used alongside other products, treatments, and therapies.
Kiierr LLLT Benefits

What’s Included With Your Purchase of the Kiierr 148 Laser Cap?

  • 148 Diode laser helmet: The standard sizes fit most, and goes up to 24 inches. It fits nicely in a standard ball cap.
  • Plain black ball cap: This allows you to wear your helmet anywhere and everywhere with discretion.
  • Stretch fit headband: Secure the helmet for added comfort with this stretchy headband.
  • Wall charger, power plug.
  • USB cord.
  • Portable power pack: For on the go use.
  • User FAQ and manual.

How Much Does the Kiierr 148 Laser Cap Cost?

The Kiierr 148 Laser Cap alone costs $575.

However, you can opt for the Kiierr 148 Pro Laser Cap complete system for a purchase price of $675.

This complete package comes with the device but in addition, you get a haircare bundle, which includes DHT blocking shampoo, hair growth conditioner, and DHT blocking vitamins.

These products work along with the device to promote faster and more complete results.

Kiierr also offers a 272 Premier Laser Cap for $845, which utilizes 272 laser diodes for treatment. The complete system for that product, which includes the device along with the previously mentioned hair care bundle, costs $945.

Kiierr Laser Cap Whats Included

Why Choose a Kiierr Laser Cap?

Kiierr brand devices have been FDA cleared and clinically proven to promote fuller, thicker hair in both women and men.

In addition, Kiierr offers a risk-free incentive to try their product, with a seven-month money-back guarantee.

But you need to make sure you follow their instructions as many other Kiierr reviews have shown people not knowing what to do and they end up NOT being upset and able to get their refund.

Read about it here.

Timeline of Hair Regrowth Using a Laser Cap

The process of hair regrowth takes some patience.

After all, LLLT works by rebuilding, strengthening and promoting hair follicle growth at the basic cellular level.

Therefore, you must give the device you choose time to work and be willing to also eat properly, ensuring your body gets the nutrients necessary to promote hair growth, which is why hair growth vitamins could help.

The following is a timeline of what you can expect result wise, once you begin using this product:

  • Hair loss stops: Around 30 to 90 days after beginning treatment with your device, you will begin to notice a reduction in hair loss. Of course, this might not be as noticeable if you have not previously experienced a great deal of hair loss before using the 148 Laser Cap.
  • Hair regrowth starts: Once you are 90 to 180 days into treatment, you will begin seeing a noticeable difference in hair amounts and thickness. This will be the time you will become encouraged to continue with your treatment plan.
  • Enjoy thicker, fuller hair: Hitting 180 days plus means you are now enjoying your new thicker, healthier hair. This is a great time to compare your before and after pictures to see for yourself just how much progress has been made.

Why Choose The Kiierr 148 Laser Cap Over Other Treatment Methods

The technology featured in the 148 Laser Cap was previously only available in expensive machines, and treatments were only done in physicians’ offices.

Today, though, this technology has been placed into a portable, easy-to-use, affordable device that allows you to grow hair, reduce thinning, and stop hair loss from the comfort of home by companies like iRestore, illumiflow, Hairmax, and more.

When compared to treatments at laser hair clinics that can cost from $3,000 to $11,000 each year, it is easy to recognize the benefits this product provides above and beyond traditional treatment options.

While we think Kiierr is an ok laser cap option review our top laser cap picks here.

The Importance of FDA Clearance

As mentioned above several times, the 148 Laser Cap by Kiierr is FDA cleared.

This is no small accomplishment. To gain FDA clearance means this product must comply will all safety regulations and be overseen by both the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Since the laser cap is considered a medical device, it is vitally important for any such device to obtain FDA clearance. Without this nod of approval, a device could cause more harm than good to the user. Therefore, you can feel safe knowing that the 148 Laser Cap is proudly FDA cleared.

Why You Should Settle for a Lesser Product

While there might be cheaper products on the market that claim to promote hair growth, it’s important to remember you often get what you pay for.

Therefore, don’t settle for a Chinese knockoff product that doesn’t have the safety and effectiveness rating of the 148 Laser Cap. Instead, opt for the real thing at an affordable price, complete with a money-back guarantee.

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