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Red light therapy is a fascinating type of therapy that was developed to heal astronauts and allow them to grow plants in space.

It was quickly discovered, however, that it did a whole lot more, including helping wounds heal, regrow hair, treat skin conditions, and much more.

The result was that red light therapy quickly became incredibly popular, but it was only available in specialized salons.

Because this was inconvenient, and today’s society is one of convenience, it wasn’t long before different manufacturers started to develop at home red light therapy devices.

There are now so many to choose from, however, that it can be a little bit overwhelming.

Two specific brands of devices seem to appear as good ones, again and again, being Joovv and RedRush 360.

So which of these two should you opt for?

That’s a good question but first a deeper look at this type of light therapy.

What to Look for in Red Light Therapy

Before you can truly begin to compare different devices, you have to gain a greater understanding of what this type of therapy is and what it can do.

This starts by looking at the types of light. In all likelihood, you are aware of the existence of blue light, infrared light, and UV light.

The difference between those types of lights is their frequencies and wavelengths, each of which is more or less visible and has different effects. Light is also essential to the survival of the human body.

What scientists have discovered is that NIR (Near Infrared) light has incredible healing powers and that is the type of light you should be looking for when comparing red light therapy devices.

Red light therapy was first successfully used as a medical treatment in 1903, when Niels Ryberg Finsen won the Medicine Nobel Prize for using it to treat smallpox and lupus.

90 years later, NASA used it to treat astronauts in space, helping to limit muscle and bone loss. Since then, the healing properties of light have been extensively studied.

What has been uncovered, more specifically, is that there are five types of light within the spectrum that have an impact on the body.

Those are:

  1. Blue light, which affects the circadian rhythm and is emitted by electronic devices.
  2. UV light, which helps our bodies to produce vitamin D.
  3. Far infrared light, which is what you feel when you are in the sun and your skin warms up. This damages your circulation and cell function, unless you also sweat.
  4. Red light, which affects the mitochondria, your cells’ powerhouse.
  5. NIR (near-infrared) light, which also affects the mitochondria, increasing your cells’ ability to produce energy.

Red and NIR light are the two types of light that go deepest into the cells and have a positive impact on the body.

At the same time, they are two different types of light and you do have to understand those differences to also understand what kind of red light therapy device – Joovv or RedRush 360 – is best for you.


  1. Red light is on the visible spectrum on the “long end”. It can penetrate to between 630nm and 700nm into the skin.
  2. NIR light is invisible but it does get deeper into the skin, to between 800nm and one millimeter, in fact.

The best type of red light therapy, therefore, is one that uses both red light and NIR light, reaching deep into the tissue and actually affecting the cells in a positive manner.

Through exposure, the healing properties of the light are absorbed and start to feed the cells.

This tells the cells to:

  1. Produce more energy, which is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which all living organisms on the planet require. ATP allows your mitochondria to produce more energy, allowing it to not just survive but actually thrive. 

    It is believed that this is linked to NO (nitric oxide) as well, specifically in that red light treatment creates a balance between NO and ATP.

  2. Fight inflammation. Indeed, when undergoing red light therapy, the body temporarily enters hormesis, which is metabolic stress normally experienced during exercise.In other words, this type of therapy actually exercises the cells, which is one of the reasons why it is now believed that it may also be beneficial for weight loss.

One of the key things to look for in a red light therapy device, be that Joovv or RedRush 360 or even another company, is a clear and concise explanation of the benefits that are known to be associated with the therapy through scientific exploration, and which benefits are likely to exist although still have to be scientifically proven.

Hence, it is now known or accepted that red light therapy (which includes red light and NIR light):

  1. Improves the function of the thyroid, which is why it is sometimes prescribed to patients with Hashimoto’s diseases.
  2. Helps the liver to regenerate quicker and better.
  3. Lowers the occurrence of hot flushes in menopausal women.
  4. Lowers inflammation and thereby helps to fight chronic conditions.
  5. Helps fight insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.
  6. Fights anxiety and depression.
  7. Increases skin repair and improves skin appearance through rejuvenation.
  8. Helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  9. Improves skin tone and fights cellulite.
  10. Helps to increase hair growth.
  11. Increases the rate of healing.
  12. Lowers feelings of pain.
  13. Fights the symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
  14. Regenerates stem cells.

That is an impressive list of benefits, which is one of the reasons why it is so wonderful that it is now possible to access these benefits at home with a device like Joovv or RedRush 360.

But it still isn’t clear which one of the two is better.

How to Compare Joovv to RedRush 360

Joovv and RedRush 360 are both excellent devices that have been reviewed hundreds of times by individuals, therapists, chiropractors, and spa owners alike.

It is also known that they are a great improvement on the old-fashioned “cold laser” therapies that used to be offered in clinics, not in the least because the at red light therapy devices are a great deal more affordable.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that at-home red light therapy devices like Joovv and RedRush 360 are as good as the medical-grade devices used in the past, which means that you won’t buy the wrong thing, no matter which one you choose.

That being said, an increased understanding of the devices should at least enable you to choose the one that is right for you.

Experts agree that this is down to several key considerations, being:

  1. Wavelength range. This means that you need to use a device that offers you both red light therapy and NIR light therapy, meaning it will penetrate to between 630nm and one millimeter into the skin, positively affecting the cells. It should go no deeper than that, as that could damage the cells.But since red light and NIR light have slightly different healing properties, the most important thing is to find a device that offers both.
  2. The size of the device. The smaller the device is, the smaller the area of the body it will be able to reach. This means that you may need to spend more time to truly impact the entire body.While each treatment session only needs to last a few minutes, we all live busy lifestyles and the less time spent in front of the lights, the better.
  3. Depth penetration and power density. You will be able to tell this by looking at the wattage of your device and by calculating the size of the treatment area.You should be able to get a density of at least 30mW/cm2 if you are between two and three feet away, increasing to at least 100mW/cm2 if you are about six inches away.
  4. The number of LEDs, with more obviously being better.
  5. The level of EMF emissions, so you don’t also have a negative impact associated with the therapy.
  6. The price of the device, since money is quite important for the majority of us.
  7. The durability of the bulbs so that you don’t have to change them all the time.
  8. The warranty associated with the device.

So, if we look more specifically at Joovv and RedRush 360, how do they compare?

RedRush 360 vs Joovv



RedRush 360


660nm for red light and 850nm for NIR light.

660nm for red light and 850nm for NIR light.


15” by 8

15” by 10.6”




Number of LEDs





Very little





2 years

2 years

Trial period

60 days

60 days

International shipping


Yes, and they include the cords


Another way to look at it is like this:

  • RedRush 360 offers everything – Full body treatment, red light, and NIR light, switchable wavelengths, a connected app for ease of use, the ability to use it while standing, sitting, or lying down, and premium 3W LEDs.
  • Joovv offers full-body red light treatment and both red light and NIR light treatment.

So which one is better?

While both devices absolutely have their pros and cons, the RedRush 360 clearly is the better option out of the two in our opinion. However, they are both best in class and you really won’t go wrong, whichever one you choose.

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Platinum Therapy Lights Reviews

Launched in 2010, Platinum Therapy Lights has quickly become the global leader in the light therapy industry.

Their commitment to superior manufacturing and design makes their ultra-high power light devices super effective. Platinum LED Therapy Lights proudly offers an industry-leading amount of irradiance in each LED therapy light they feature.

This means a device from Platinum LED will penetrate deeper and provide the highest, most advanced patent-pending R+|NIR+ spectral output. All that to say, you will get the best results possible from red light therapy devices with this company’s products, which are in the Bio Series or the BioMax Series.

To learn more about this company and the science behind what makes them work, read on for our platinum therapy lights reviews.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Research on the effectiveness of red light therapy has progressed in recent years.

As a result, clinical studies are now aiming to explore the healing potential provided through red light devices in a greater capacity.

Red light therapy emits a near-infrared or red light wavelength into the body.

These wavelengths are then absorbed in the cell’s chromosomes. Each part of the body has individual absorption characteristics, which means that it will respond best based on varying wavelengths.

Therefore, ideally, red light therapy will include a tandem approach, using both near-infrared and red light wavelengths.

The Benefits of Red Light Wavelengths

Red light wavelengths are measured in 680nm.

This level of red light penetrates sebaceous glands and skin cells during treatment.

This benefits the body in various ways from improving the look of fine wrinkles, rejuvenating the entire appearance of the skin to improving the skin’s overall tone and texture. It also promotes collagen production.

Can Red Light Therapy Reduce My Wrinkles?

The cosmetic industry has worked hard, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions and millions on advertising trying to convince you that expensive creams, oils, or other treatments are the only way to remedy problematic wrinkles.

However, this assumption that the skin itself can somehow counteract wrinkles is false.

This is because skin is by nature a barrier, working against absorption.

Consequently, even the most expensive, potent moisturizers or anti-wrinkle treatments will eventually just wear off the skin.

They don’t do anything on a cellular level to address the problem.

Red light therapy works on a cellular level, promoting natural collagen production from under the skin’s surface.

That means in addition to being a great way to increase healing time in skin wounds, addressing ache and other skin disorders, that red light therapy is also a proven way to combat wrinkles.

Read This Article About Red Light & Your Skin

The Benefits of Near-Infrared Light Wavelengths

Near-infrared light (NIR) wavelengths measure longer than the red light variety.

They typically range from 700 nm to 1,100 nm.

This means they penetrate even deeper into the body’s tissue, delivering healing energy.

As a result, near-infrared therapy has been proven effective at treating joint or nerve pain, muscle aches, and in deep wound healing.

It has even been clinically proven effective at treating traumatic brain injury when delivered at the appropriate dose. Another clinical study found that NIR can even help improve cognitive impairment, help to remedy sleep issues and reduce headaches.

When Combined, You Reach Ideal Therapeutic Levels

As outlined above, both red light therapy and infrared light therapy have varying benefits and ideally work together for a comprehensive treatment approach.

Thankfully, Platinum LED offers combination units for more advanced treatment needs, which you can read about here.

What About The Devices Offered by Platinum LED? What Devices Are Available?

There are two series options offered by Platinum LED and you can save 5% off any of their products with a coupon code.

*use coupon code SAVE5 you’ll get 5% off any of their lights

Their products are outlined below:

The Bio Series (The Original Powerful Lights) Price Range ($369-$699)

This the most economical series of devices, which makes them ideal for beginning red light therapy.

These devices come in three different sizes and three different configuration options. You can mix and match these to best match your symptoms and budget needs. If you’d like to read our review of this series go here.

Light Configuration Options:

  • RED 660NM: Best used for skin health and hair regrowth. Ideal treatment wavelength to penetrate skin and benefits skin tone and texture.
  • COMBO: RED 660NM/NIR 850NM: Best for overall treatment. This is the most popular configuration as it offers a variety of treatment options.
  • NIR 850NM: Best for pain and deep tissue repair. This wavelength is best at treating deep wounds and healing nerve injuries and joint paint.

Bio Series Model Options

  • BIO 300 $369.00: Treatment area 92” x 82”
  • BIO 450 $449.00: Treatment area 92” x 84”
  • BIO 600 $699.00: Treatment area 108” x 82” (full body treatment area)

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The Biomax Series (The Most Powerful Combo) Price Range ($569-$1,149)

Red-R+|NIR+ Models

This series features devices that provide the most optimal spectrum with the strongest output possible. In the same way as the BIO Series, the BIOXMAX devices can be mixed and matched to combine the preferred light size and light array.

All lights in this series are R+|NIR+ Configurations. If you’d like to read our review of this series go here.

BIOMAX Model Options:

  • BIOMAX 300 $569.00: Targeted Treatment Area, Max Area: 92”x82”
  • BIOMAX 450 $649.00: Targeted Treatment Area, Max Area: 92”84”
  • BIOMAX 600 $899.00: Full Body Treatment Area, Max Area: 108”x82”
  • BIOMAX 900 $1,149.00: Full Body Treatment Area, Max Area: 108”x86”

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*use coupon code SAVE5 you’ll get 5% off any of their lights

What Comes With Each Device Purchase?

When you purchase a device from Platinum LED you can expect to get the following in the box, along with your light therapy device:

  • Digital link cable
  • Power link cable
  • Panel linking hardware
  • Door hanging kit
  • Sunglasses
  • Therapy companion app: The app features a user manual and more information on how best to use each type of device.

Light Therapy Stands by Platinum LED

Platinum LED also features a few stands that help you get the most out of your BIOMAX light therapy devices. They are outlined below:

  • Tabletop Stand $99.00: Tabletop stand that mounts either a BIOMAX 300 or 450 unit.
  • Mobile Rack Stand $299.00: Wheeled standing rack system, holds up to three BIOMAX panels.
  • Horizontal Rack Stand $249.00: Horizontal rack system that holds either one or two BIOMAX panels.

Risk-Free Purchase

Platinum LED stands behind their therapy devices by offering a three-year warranty coverage and a 60-day trial with a two-month satisfaction guarantee.

They also offer free domestic shipping along with worldwide shipping options.

Click Here to Shop Now

More Specific Issues Red Light Therapy Addresses

Red light therapy has been scientifically proven to help the following issues by addressing the problem on a cellular level:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced recovery times after an injury or during training
  • Increased testosterone levels, improved fertility
  • Plumper, healthier-looking skin due to greater collagen production.
  • Hair growth
  • Improved blood flow and circulation

Is This Type of Treatment Safe?

You have seen the many benefits of right light therapy and what you can purchase from Platinum LED.

Now, you might be wondering if these devices are safe to use.

Are there any known side-effects?

After all, it probably sounds a bit too good to be true.

However, you should be happy to learn that there are no known side effects, which is one significant distinction between this type of therapy and other treatment options.

Light-based therapy works to promote healing on a cellular level, without inflicting any damage or pain.

There isn’t even a heat sensation.

Therefore, you can try any of these devices without fear as there is no risk to your body with this treatment.

Product Reviews From Platinum LED Customers

Here are a few of the most notable real customer reviews about the products offered by Platinum Therapy Lights:

“I think science is only beginning to understand what is possible with bioactive light supplementation. Platinum definitely has the best product and are the innovators in the industry.”

“I started to see improvement in my eczema in just two days of use.”

“I purchased this for my lower back pain and to help with fine lines and wrinkles on my face. I’ve already noticed reduced pain and the skin on my face looks from plump!”

Read More Customer Reviews on Their Official Site Here

Bottom Line, Should You Consider a Platinum LED Light Therapy Device?

Optimal cellular health is the basis of all healing.

Right light therapy, which you can access through these devices by Platinum LED, promotes and encourages optimal cellular health.

Therefore, if you are struggling with skin issues, pain in your joints, nerve damage, hair loss, difficulty healing after a wound or any of the other conditions outlined above, one of the devices offered by Platinum LED could be the answer you have been seeking.


Platinum LED BIOMAX Review

What is the Platinum LED BIOMAX series?

This innovative series of BIOMAX light panels by Platinum LED Therapy Lights incorporates decades of scientific research into one series of exceptionally effective products, designed to propagate cellular regeneration and healing of the connective tissues, muscle, and skin.

The Platinum LED series optimizes the amazing benefits of near-infrared light therapy and promotes regeneration within the body.

It goes beyond simple red lights, though, as it provides the patent-pending technology that utilizes R+/NIR+ spectrum, which combines five different wavelengths of near-infrared and red light.

These work in conjunction to deliver unparalleled therapeutic treatment, better than any previous LED device on the market.

Read More About R+ and NIR+ the Most Advanced LED Therapy Light Spectrum

The Science Behind The Technology

What makes this particular series so effective is its extensive scientific backing, by many general studies, such as this one from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences that proves low-level laser therapy to be an effective way to promote wound healing, and another from The US National Library of Medicine of National Institute of Health that proves the technology to be effective at treating arthritis, both of which are just a few of the many out of the thousands of studies available on the technology.

It was also made possible by the hard work within the series’ development stage by medical professionals employed in an advisory role.

The unique design of this product puts it at the forefront of the LED light therapy market, producing optimal results.

In addition, each and every product within this series was reviewed, after production, by over 3000 peer-review studies, which looked at the real-life benefits of red light/near infra-red light and how it impacted their health, life, and pain.

Why Choose The PlatinumLED BIOMAX Series?

Before looking at the specifications of the products within the series, it’s important to consider why you might choose this type of therapy in the first place.

The following are the proven benefits of red light, LED therapy:

  • Reduction in Inflammation: As mentioned above, laser therapy has been proven effective at treating symptoms of arthritis. This works because it reduces inflammation in the body, meaning you will likely notice a reduction in pain associated with anything that can cause inflammation.

    Autoimmune diseases, sore muscle, joint pain, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries are just a few examples.

  • Reduction in Pain: If your life involves constant pain, you know how valuable this benefit can be for your overall quality of life.

    Red light therapy has been proven effective by many studies to reduce soreness, ease muscle spasms, reduce stiffness in the joints and promote greater blood flow…all of which decreases pain in the body.

  • Reduction in Recovery Times After Injury: If you are a high-performance athlete (or train like one), you will love the ability of red light therapy to accelerate muscle repair after an injury.
  • Increase in Collagen Production: Your skin is also greatly improved by red light therapy because the wavelengths target the mitochondrial chromophore of the skin cells, which generates the collagen proteins.
  • Stimulates Hair Growth: Alopecia is a problematic condition affecting 75% of females of 65 and 50% of males over the age of 40 resulting in hair loss.

    Many studies have proven red light therapy is an effective way to stimulate hair growth to regrow hair in a wide range of patients.

In addition to all the many benefits mentioned above, there are countless other benefits of this type of therapy including but not limited to increased fertility and testosterone levels, tissue repair, improved blood flow, a reduction in acne and more.

You can read about all the benefits here.

The Product Options Within The PlatinumLED Therapy Lights BIOMAX Series

There are several options within this series.

They include a choice of panel sizes. You can choose from one of the following:

  • BIOMAX 300 Combo Red-R+/NIR+: $569.00
  • BIOMAX 450 Combo Red-R+/NIR+:$649.00
  • BIOMAX 600 Combo Red-R+/NIR+: $899.00
  • BIOMAX 900 Combo Red-R+/NIR+: $1,149.00

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Full Body Treatment

If you want to procure full-body treatment, the best way is to combine more than one of the above light panels.

Thankfully, BIOMAX offers a discount of $100 when you purchase two lights and $250 when you purchase all four, which you can see more here.

What’s Included With The Purchase of Each BioMax Light Panel?

When you purchase one of these lights, it comes complete with the following:

  • Digital link cable.
  • Door hanging kit.
  • Power link cable.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Panel linking hardware.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Therapy companion app, for both Android and iPhone.

Optional Add Ons You Might Consider

You can also opt to purchase a stand to best utilize this product.

You can go with either:

  • The Tabletop Stand:($99.00): This stand is applicable for mounting either the BIOMAX 300 or 450 at the ideal angle and height for you to use either on the floor or tabletop, ensuring precise application.
  • Mobile Rack Stand: ($299.00): This wheeled rack system is applicable for mounting up to three BIOMAX panels wide, allowing up to six panels. This is ideal for either commercial or home usage.

*use coupon code SAVE5 you’ll get 5% off any of their products

Platinum LED BioMax Reviews by Actual Customers

Below is just a handful of reviews from BIOMax customers and users. You can read 100’s of more reviews on their official site here.

Platinum Bio Max Reviews

And here’s a few more customer reviews…

Platinum Therapy Lights Reviews

The Platinum LED BIOMAX Series Difference

In addition to the superiority of the design of the series that utilizes the latest scientific knowledge through extensive research, this series is also FDA approved, which means it has been proven effective for treating the conditions listed above and has been deemed safe for consumer use.

It also provides patented R+/NIR+, which is an exclusive spectral configuration that combines the benefits of NIR and multi-wavelength red lights for the most optimal spectrum available.

In addition, this series of lights produce the greatest amount of irradiance possible, more than any other LED therapy light ever created, meaning it’s more powerful than any other such product on the market today.

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Platinum LED BIO Review

Platinum Therapy Lights is the global leader in FDA Class II Medical FED panel devices.

During the 10 years they have been in business, governmental agencies, universities, athletes, and medical professionals have utilized their innovative red light therapy devices for a wide range of things and conditions.

Platinum Therapy Lights offers two primary lines of products, the Platinum LED BIO and the Platinum LED BIOmax.

This review will outline everything you need to know about the Platinum LED BIO product line.

Platinum LED Bio Review

What Makes These Red Light Therapy Device’s So Effective?

Before looking at the specifics of the BIO series and the Platinum LED products overall, it’s important to understand the science behind the red light therapy products.

The effectiveness of the BIO series is the red and near-Infrared technology utilized in these light therapy devices. Red light therapy offers astonishing health benefits as proven by many clinical studies.

During treatment with a red light device, the near-infrared or red light wavelengths emit into the body and are then absorbed by the chromophores.

Each tissue and cell variety have different absorption characteristics that respond differently to various wavelengths.

Consequently, near-infrared wavelengths and red light wavelengths work best when used in tandem, which is what the Bio series does.

The Difference in Near-Infrared wavelengths and Red Light Wavelengths

As mentioned above, the two different types of wavelengths have varying therapeutic effects. Below is a breakdown of the difference between near-infrared and red light wavelengths:

  • Red Light Wavelengths: These wavelengths measure between 630 and 700 NM. They are best used to penetrate sebaceous glands and skin cells.They provide a wide range of benefits from rejuvenating the skin to promoting collagen, smoothing wrinkles, and improving skin tone and texture.
  • Near-Infrared Light Wavelengths: These wavelengths measure between 700NM and 1,100NM. Near-infrared wavelengths are longer than the red light variety, which means they penetrate deeper into the tissue.Consequently, they can heal joint pain, nerve injuries, muscle aches, and deep wounds. Some clinical research has even been proven to reduce cognitive impairment, sleep disturbances, reduce anxiety and headaches.

More About The BIO Series Products by Platinum Therapy Lights

Below are the specifics of the BIO product line and what you can expect to experience using these products:

What is the Platinum LED Bio Series Product Line?

The BIO series is the original product line offered by Platinum LED.

It is the more budget-friendly product line the company features and is best for targeted treatment.

And if you use coupon code SAVE5 you’ll get 5% off.

This means the various products in this line are best utilized for treating smaller areas of the body, not full-body treatment.

However, there are some size and light configurations that are applicable for treating larger areas.

Selecting The Right Device Size for You

The BIO series by Platinum LED includes three basic device sizes.

They are listed below:

  • BIO 300: Dimensions 19” x 9” x 3” : Targeted Treatment: 92”x 82”: $369.00
  • BIO 450: 19” x 11” x 3”: Targeted Treatment: 92” x 84”: $499.00
  • BIO 600: 36” x 9” x 3” : Full Body Treatment: 108” x 82”: $699.00

You can use coupon code SAVE5 you’ll get 5% off any of their lights.

Each device comes with a three-year warranty and has an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours. 

Click Here to Shop the Platinum LED Bio Series Now

What Comes With Each Platinum LED Bio Series Device?

Here is the list of items you will get in the box of each Platinum LED treatment device:

  • Sunglasses
  • Door hanging kit
  • Power link cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Therapy companion app: This allows you to get the most out of your LED therapy device.

Selecting The Light Configuration of Your LED Bio Therapy Device

The following are the three configuration options you can select.

You can mix and match these configurations with the desired device size:

RED 660NM 

This light configuration is ideal for optimal skin health and hair growth. The red light wavelengths measure between 630 to 700nm.

The red light penetrates sebaceous glands and skin cells. Not only does this configuration address wrinkles, but it also promotes the production of collagen and rejuvenates the entire appearance of the skin.

You can also use this focused treatment to heal acne and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars when using this “red only” configuration.


This configuration is ideal for full body treatment.

Research shows that near-infrared and red light wavelengths combine to increase the treatment’s effectiveness. You can switch the R/NIR models to provide either 660NM or 850NM.

This gives you some flexibility in terms of personalizing your ideal treatment. This is the most popular configuration choice because of this flexibility.

This is the device that I personally use. Learn more here and use coupon code SAVE5 to save 5% off your purchase.


This configuration is ideally suited to provide pain relief and deep tissue repair.

NIR near-infrared light wavelengths are longer than red light wavelengths. They measure between 700NM and 1,100NM.

This light configuration penetrates deeper, which delivers healing energy deep into the body’s cells after passing through bones and the body’s tissues. This means you can use the NIR 850NM configuration to treat joint pain, nerve injuries, muscle aches and deep wounds.

To garner these desirable benefits from this configuration, select near-infrared only during treatment.

The Difference Between the BIO and BIOMAX Lines

As mentioned above, Platinum features two lines of therapy devices, their BIO series and BIOmax lines.

We have broken down some specifics on the BIO line but have not exactly explored what makes these two lines so different other than price differential.

Before breaking it down, though, it’s important to note that either line features the most powerful lights on the market today. Therefore, no matter which product line you choose, you can rest assured you will experience the maximum therapeutic benefits, which will easily exceed any other product benefits available.

Now let’s look at how these two lines differ:

  • BIO Series: This is the original product line and is the most economical. These lights feature an on/off switch. Due to ease-of-use and purchase price, this product line is a great starting point in LED light therapy.
  • BIOMAX Series: This series is the newest most advanced product line offered by Platinum LED. You can connect multiple panels together in this line and each device features a built-in timer with fully digital controls.BIOmax devices are also compatible with the wheeled rack and tabletop stands that are offered by Platinum LED.

Real-Life Customer Reviews on the BIO Series

The following are a few notable customer reviews (see more reviews here) that showcase the effectiveness of this product line.

“I purchased this for my lower back pain and to help with fine lines and wrinkles on my face. I’ve already noticed reduced pain and the skin on my face looks plumper!”

“So far I am loving my therapy light. I feel refreshed and my skin has a glow after using it.”

“I am very pleased. Great quality and affordable compared to others. Looking forward to achieving more energy using it.” 

“The red light therapy is definitely effective in treating bruised ribs. The rib is healing significantly better. The light is a major return on investment.” 

Click Here to Shop the Bio Series Now

Restored Cellular Health: Basis For all Healing

The body’s cells support and operate virtually every part of the body.

The most effective aspect of red light therapy is its ability to support and promote optimal cell efficiency.

One way that red light therapy works to improve cellular function is by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is the most common protein within the body and makes up 70% of the proteins found in the skin, which is the body’s largest organ.

In addition, 30% of the proteins found in the body are made up of collagen.

Bottom Line: Is the BIO Series by Platinum LED For You?

Either of the product lines offered by Platinum LED will work to treat various issues using red light and infrared light therapy.

Both products lines work to repair the body’s cells, which as outlined above, is the basis of all healing.

Therefore, choosing any product in either the BIO or BIOmax line is an effective and safe way to treat a wide range of conditions.

Click Here to Shop the Platinum LED Therapy Lights Now

*use coupon code SAVE5 you’ll get 5% off any of their lights