Definitive Nutrafol For Men Review

What is Nutrafol For Men?

Nutrafol for men reviews

Nutrafol for men is a nutraceutical supplement (hair loss vitamin) in capsule form created to improve hair thickness and growth as well as promote scalp coverage.

It’s a clinically effective supplement proven to visibly reduce shedding after two months.

The Nutrafol Story, How This Product Came to Be…

The Nutrafol company, which produces Nutrafol for men and women, began with three people who were each experiencing their own problem with hair thinning, right along with millions of others.

These three people had tried all the standard treatments in the industry or the most common “solutions” and were left woefully unsatisfied and frustrated.

They realized there weren’t many solutions to the problem of hair loss aside from harsh drugs with scary side effects and generic vitamins with virtually no quantifiable research proving their effectiveness.

They knew there had to be a natural solution to the problem that would somehow walk the line between efficacy and safety. Thus the birth of the Nutrafol brand.

Meet The Founders of Nutrafol

The individuals mentioned above responsible for creating this amazing company and subsequent products are:

  • Giorgos Tsetis C.E: Co-Founder, CEO: Gioris was an accomplished model who began noticing notable hair thinning in his early 20s. Any of the drugs he used came along with such negative side effects, he refused to continue using them to treat his condition and knew there must be a better way.
  • Roland Peralta: Co-Founder, Chief Innovation & Product Officer: This self-described bio-hacker is an entrepreneur who was able to dramatically improve his hair and overall health after researching and experiencing nutraceuticals in an attempt to treat a rheumatoid arthritis condition.
  • Dr. Sophia Kogan: Co-founder, Chief Medical Advisor: Dr. Kogan’s focus was on integrative hair health and she is an expert on the effects of stress, nutrition and botanicals as it relates to follicle biology. She also began experiencing hair thinning during the increased stress of her medical residency, which prompted her to join forces with Giorgos and Roland in their quest to find a healthy alternative solution to hair loss and thinning.
  • Other Team Members: Besides the three founding members, the Nutrafol team also consists of several additional doctors, specialists and consultants who diligently work to ensure any product Nutrafol produces is effective and safe to use. The team is comprised of several naturopathic doctors, scientists and dermatologists.

What Makes Nutrafol For Men Different From Other Hair Loss Supplements?

Nutrafol Clinically ProvenThis product produces hair growth by considering how you grow your hair. In other words, the first step is understanding the root causes of your hair loss, not the symptom of hair loss itself.

This issue is then addressed using only natural ingredients, meaning there is no side effect risk like those associated with drugs and there are no artificial additives which could also cause negative side effects.

Finally, Nutrafol is different because it is backed by clinical proof or research and trusted by doctors. In fact, a peer produced publication proves the science behind targeting the cause of hair loss and not the symptom itself is sound and is a much more effective way to treat and eventually remedy the problem of hair loss or thinning.

The Way Nutrafol Works: The Science 

The reason Nutrafol is so effective is its approach to treating hair loss.

The founders took into account the following scientific facts when creating the product and have continued to study the product’s effectiveness, ensuring customer satisfaction:

Understanding The Body is Complicated: The following factors all combine to affect a person’s current hair loss situation:

  • Allergens.
  • Stress.
  • Overstyling.
  • Bad Nutritional Choices.

Knows The Hair Follicles Are a Complex System: The whole body factors into the health of the hair follicles or lack thereof. Hair follicles actually function much like mini organs within the body, reflecting various nutritional and stress related issues through hair loss.

Understands Everyone’s Different in Terms of How Their Body Responds: While there are some factors that negatively affect us all, the experts at Nutrafol understand not everything affects everyone’s system the exact same way.

Some need additional support to properly fuel the mechanisms within their body that oversees and produces hair growth. Therefore, a comprehensive approach per individual customer is imperative to treat hair loss successfully.

Common Nutrafol Questions

How Much is Nutrafol For Men?

check the price of NutrafolNutrafol for Men sells for $88 for a one-time purchase of a monthly supply. However, you can get a slight discount by subscribing to a monthly subscription.

The folks at Nutrafol do sometimes offer discounts so I recommend you check the latest price here.

What Type of Results Can One Expect with Nutrafol?

You can see a whole host of Nutrafol reviews here.

Nutrafol for Men Results

How Many Capsules Equal Daily Dose?

The recommended daily dose is four capsules, and with your purchase, you get doctor consultations and a hair mineral analysis at no additional costs.

This hair analysis ensures you are treating the individual cause of your hair loss as effectively as possible.

Remember, with Nutrafol, it’s not about treating the symptom of hair loss itself, but getting to the “root” of the issue and correcting what has gone wrong to remedy the problem.

What Ingredients are In the Nutrafol for Men Hair Growth Supplement

Bottom Line

The doctors, dermatologists and scientists who have worked together to create Nutrafol for men ensure that this product is a step above its competitors.

Thanks to the unique way this company approaches the problem of hair loss, customers are given a great chance of hair regrowth success.

Overall, if you are suffering from hair loss, considering this as an option seems like a good choice.

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